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Bespoke Menus, Inspired by Your Stories

Capturing culinary inspiration from your travels, integrating highlights from your favourite foodie outings; a menu curated for your special occasion or brand wanting to stand out.

To be the best event caterer we can be, we enter your world. We listen, we develop and deliver, inspired by your stories and travels, a gastronomic feast awaits.

Event Caterer UK & France

Inspired & Curated Your culinary stories

Initial consultation booked, your time to lead us on your culinary journey and experiences, for you to be the story tellers of your favourite travel locations, the meals, flavours and restaurants which have whet your appetite along the way.

Your celebration details are noted, chefs draw from the seasonal ingredients on offer locally to your chosen location.  Menus created, designed and flavour combinations considered.  

All details inspiring the chef team to create a bespoke menu for you, drawing on your past experiences to highlight your future memories.

Event Caterer

Locally sourced, international flavour. Taking you on a journey.

We not only source the best produce but pride ourselves on our locally sourced staff picked for their passion for attention to detail.

Our Eat Five Star staff members are essential ingredients to make the difference between a good meal and a great occasion.

American offsite corporate event capstone