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Cotswolds Private Chef

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Providing villas, country houses and stately homes across the Cotswolds with exceptional dining experiences.

For the moments when you do not need full hospitality, and may just require an additional chef for your client, home or travels. Local knowledge, beautiful produce and insider tips on where to go. Elevate your stay with a Cotswolds private chef.

Cotswolds Private Chef

A lover of food Days filled with passion

Alarm set, chef whites ironed, orders placed. The last few thoughts before your chef sleeps ahead of a busy next day.

Alarm rings, chef up and soon off to the local market, fish coming in from last nights catch, the smell of the ripest tomatoes and a bounty of colour picking the freshest fruit for breakfast.

Guests fast asleep, your chef quietly starts preparing your breakfast, loading the fridge and pantry with the latest trip to the market. Coffee on, smells drift up into the home, meeting the opening senses of guests, as they look forward to their next day ahead on the slopes or beach. It’s your choice.

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Cotswolds Private Chef

Looking for culinary excellence? Hire our private chefs.

Whether you are looking for a private chef for your holiday in your rented home, or a chef for a weekend stay, get in touch and a member of the team will be in touch with you shortly.

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