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Corporate Event

Audi E-tron fleet launch: Luxury Pop Up Restaurant

Eat Five Star worked alongside Michelin Chef Tom Aikens for Audi and their E-tron launch corporate event. Their role was to develop and deliver an inspired menu to satisfy potential Audi buyers. The incredible Swinhay House was chosen to welcome 300 VIP Guests to see the big reveal of Audi’s E-tron series during a 3 day period.

Audi tasked us to oversee and manage the hospitality and catering for their three day product launch. The launch was of their new electric fleet of cars including the GT e-tron. The remit was to create a luxury pop up restaurant and demonstration kitchen within the exclusive and unique venue of Swinhay House. The venue itself is designed entirely around sustainability and performance.

Corporate Audi event Swinhay House

The Eat Five Star catering team were given the menu and specifications from the celebrity Michelin starred chef Tom Aikens.  Then over to our culinary team to cook, create and deliver to the Audi guests.  

E-Tron Launch

The enclosed glazed winter garden housed the Product launch day, providing a beautiful airy space with fabulous views of the surrounding countryside. 

In addition to viewing cars, guests went on test drives and took part in an array of specifically curated activities. All the activities had been chosen in line with the innovative approach of Audi and their fleet and changing people’s perceptions of reality.  Activities included introductions to to Virtual Reality activities as well as group sessions with The Blind Poet, sharing his unique perspective on life, living with blindness.  

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